“Ever since I can remember I have been a very observative person always enjoying learning about everything; listening over talking with the belief that it is not always necessary to speak in order to express your feelings and ideals. This is why a project like Bona Fide, which came about spontaneously, is the result of my creativity. Maybe the spark was my intense wish to create something different, something that wouldn’t come from being tied to a computer or to a specific place. I had the idea of doing something with fabric , although I didn’t know exactly what. Then I saw some references which I thought it could merge with my concepts. As a lover of dressing accessories I began to work on pieces I would wear myself and would make me feel good. I’m a graphic designer and have been working on branding and web design. Since I was little I loved ART in all its expressions and enjoyed doing sculptures using different kinds of materials. Today while working with the necklaces I feel the same sensation I felt during my childhood. My necklaces are somewhat “functional/wearable sculptures”. – Marianela Calvo Jiménez, Founder/Designer –


It’s amazing to see how each item takes its proper place and ends up making perfect sense.

“The purpose of it all is to make necklaces and accessories that I like and love to use. Seeing people use them with happiness and satisfaction is part of the goal and is what is most gratifying for me as a designer… being able to transmit something more than just a physical product, being able to transmit different sensations. Bona Fide means good faith in Latin, and in English, it is and expression used to say that something is authentic, genuine and done with good intensions. I really like the phrase and honestly think that it is valid and important for anything you do in your life. Also, I really like that I can employ and inspire hard-working people, and help them succeed in some way as well as improve their lives. Even though one can sometimes feel a little unmotivated, these kinds of things are what help me stay focused on the project, and it’s amazing to see how each item takes its proper place and ends up making perfect sense.” – Marianela Calvo Jiménez, Founder/Designer –


Fabrics are the protagonist of our brand as they are the only material we use for all our designs. There are infinite colors, textures, patterns and types of textiles out there, which allow us to innovate and reinvent our products constantly. Every combination tells a different story, provokes a different sensation and yields a different result. Variety and the constant hunt for new fabrics fuel our creative process. Bona Fide also wants to contribute to the environment in some way. We are very much aware of the amount of textile waste that is derived from garment manufacturing, and that is why we use mostly remnants and fabric scraps provided from fellow designers which would be discarded otherwise. The baggies in which our products are packed are also fabric-made, giving the buyer the chance to re-use them.


There are no two Bona Fide pieces that are 100% alike. Spontaneity is an inevitable and important part of our creative process and that is why all our accessories have different unique characteristics, be it in types of cloth used, patterns or even manufacturing processes. Even though each product category has a similar design and certain shared parameters, every item is one of a kind, giving it a real added value. Each piece is an individual work of art that can match with the buyers’ personal style and magnify it.


All our products are imagined by our designer and founder and then are hand-manufactured by a group of hard-working housewives. One of our most important goals is to make our brand grow so  we can employ more of these hard-working women and empower them to help their families and communities.