Achromatic Codes | 2012 Look Book

One of a kind Collection | First Edition

Photographer: Ana E. Castillo | Edition: Marianela Calvo J. | Model: Marianela Calvo J.

This is a collection in which each piece is unique. They are manufactured by designer Marianela Calvo J. It is the first edition. Concept: All necklaces are made from the same material (color and texture). All necklaces begin the manufacturing process in like manner, with the same principle and the strips of fabric placed the same way. Once this process begins it is unknown what the final design will be. After the strips of fabric are placed at the beginning, what happens next is totally spontaneous. During the process, knots are formed and fabric is tied at different points. In the end these knots, and the way they are accommodation is what makes sure the necklace has a particular structure. This knot structure becomes a “dot code”. This dot code is what gives each necklace its unique identity. Each one has its achromatic code. All of them have the same principle, they are made of the same material, same color, but its structure accomplished through its manufacturing process is completely different. All human beings come into the world in the same way, have the same principle, we are made of the same material, have the same human characteristics, history, and life itself is in charge of creating a mental, emotional, intellectual and social structure which is what makes us all different. In the end, this structure becomes our character, and although we are all part of the same race, each human being has its unique genetic code.
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